Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a rental warehouse?
No! Listings on Gearstage are entirely populated by our users and is completely online. We do not have a brick-and-mortar location that you have to come and rent gear from - our users rent gear from each other.

What if my gear is damaged or stolen during a rental? Am I protected?
While we hope for the best and want every user to be honest and careful with someone else's gear, we understand that this is a real concern and is hard to think of something happening to your gear. During the sign up process, all users are required to read and agree to our Rental Agreement. In short - our terms state that the Lister assumes the risk of renting their gear and the Renter assumes the responsibility to pay for any damages, repairs, or a full replacement of the gear if necessary. 

How is the Rental Agreement enforced?
Again - we all want for people to be honest and abide by the agreement that each User must sign off on, but in the case that a User does not comply with our terms - the Lister may use the Rental Agreement to take the Renter to court. If the Lister shows proof that the Renter is not complying with compensating the Lister for damages, Gearstage will charge the Renters credit card for the appropriate amount. We also reserve the right to suspend or terminate the User's account from our platform if necessary.   

What if I don't want the Renter to pick up my gear at my home?
Where the pick up/drop off takes place is completely up to the Lister and Renter. If you feel uncomfortable revealing your address to a Renter, we recommend working out a mutual and/or central location between you and your Renter that you both feel safe with to exchange the gear.